Autumn Party at Nomad Bloc
4:00 PM16:00

Autumn Party at Nomad Bloc


Join us on October 5th to celebrate the fall equinox and the launch of our awesome project Nomad Bloc. It is the perfect chance to climb outside, enjoy a beer, savor some BBQ (veggie or not) and mostly, to celebrate outdoors in great company. We will then move to a local bar afterwards. Stay tuned as we will release more informations! All the Nomad team is really excited to see you there.

All the beer profits will go to the FQME! We are really happy to contribute to the Fédération Québécoise de Montagne et d'Escalade!

Meet us starting from 16h at 2953 rue William-Tremblay, Montréal!

Outdoor bouldering - BBQ - Beers - Music - Cocktails

Our normal rates are active for the event. Please visit our website for more info:

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Acro-Yoga at Nomad Bloc
10:00 AM10:00

Acro-Yoga at Nomad Bloc

Pénélope and Jean-François offer you an introductory course of AcroYoga on Nomad Bloc’s outdoor site, located in the Technolopole Angus.

It’s the perfect occasion to combine two very complementary disciplines: Climbing and AcroYoga!

What is AcroYoga?

A playfull discipline that is practiced by two persons (or more!) that allows you to work balance, force, flexibility and confidence while keeping a big smile on your face! Everyone is welcome, even if it is not your first time at this.

How to participate?
Simple! If you are a Nomad member, you have free access to the course. Otherwise, the daily entry fee applies. Which comes down to 14$+tx for an AcroYoga course and unlimited climbing for a day :-)

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